Now that there are a number of electric cars available with ranges well in excess of 200 miles, the main thing holding up a widespread shift to electric driving is the lack of supporting infrastructure. Gasoline is available everywhere: EV quick chargers are few and far between. Hence the importance of last week’s announcement from General Moters and Bechtel that they will be jointly developing a network of several thousand charging stations across the country. This may be the necessary tipping point to create the kind of shift for electric cars that we saw a few years ago for smart phones.

Two brief bits of news

A couple of things to share here at the top of the morning, bearing on electric cars. First, EVgo has just secured contracts that will allow them to power all of their public charging stations with renewable energy. So much for the myth that electric vehicles just transfer emissions from the tailpipe to the power-plant smokestack. Read about it here:

Second, Erick Belmer – mentioned elsewhere on this website as the owner of “Sparky”, the 400,000+-miles Chevrolet Volt – announced yesterday that Sparky has finally died, at 477,000 miles. He has no plans to revive the car, but others have offered to buy it and restore it.