Making driving fun again

Forget climate change, for the moment. Forget fracking and smog. Forget the ridiculously low fuel costs, and the non-existent oil changes, and the elimination of just about every conceivable money-sink of a part or service – timing belts, rings, head gaskets, spark plugs, valves, fuel injectors, fuel filters, air filters, mufflers, transmissions – you name it – that your gasoline-powered chariot requires. Forget the oddly satisfying sensation you get by driving right past every single gas station in sight and refueling your car simply by pulling into your garage and plugging in. Forget all of that. The dirty little secret that the oil companies REALLY don’t want you to know about electric cars is that electric cars are FUN.

A gasoline engine’s torque depends on its speed – faster rotations mean higher torque. An electric motor has all of its torque available right from its first revolution. This simple, technical-sounding difference gives electric cars a huge advantage. They are quicker on their feet than gasoline cars are, or ever can be. They respond instantly to the pedal. That strong, smooth rush of power, at the precise time and amount you ask for it, is intoxicating and addictive. Electric cars also handle better, due to their extremely low centers of gravity – much of their weight is in the batteries, which are at the bottom of the car – and they are blissfully, uncannily, quiet and clean and odor-free. Very few people who experience electric driving ever want to go back.

This website is about my personal experience with electric cars, with emphasis on experience. A lot of it will consist of descriptions of the places my wife and I travel to (there will be plenty of photos). A small portion will be about mundane matters such as service visits and upkeep and refueling on the road. I promise not to ignore any problems that arise. I also won’t totally ignore environmental politics – I am incapable of doing that – or the economics, mechanics, and ongoing development of electric vehicles. But most of what you read here will simply be about how much fun we are having, driving on sunlight instead of on gasoline.

“Driving on sunlight.” That’s not just a catch phrase. We have a 3200-watt solar array on the roof of our house. Remember that bit about just pulling into your garage and plugging in? On sunny days, what happens when we do that is that we fill the car’s fuel tank with sunbeams. Sunbeams are free. You can’t get any lower driving costs than that.