Oh, the Places I’ve Been!

The galleries associated with this page are collections of photos I’ve taken in various scattered parts of America during the course of a long and restless life. The reasons for visiting these places have been varied. Sometimes it was research for one of my books; sometimes it was a family trip, or a business trip of another kind; sometimes it was because I was just plain curious. And sometimes – often, actually – it was all of the above.

The places have been varied, too. Some are well-known and endlessly photographed (the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls come to mind). Some are obscure little corners of the continent known primarily to those who live near them (the Strawberry Mountains; the Monument Rocks; Tettegouche). Most are somewhere on a continuum between those two poles. All have two things in common: I remember them fondly, and I took at least one picture there.

What is their connection to the rest of this website? None, really. I suppose a case could be made that I was showing off some of the amazing places you can go in an electric car, but although you CAN go to almost all of these places on electricity – all of them, soon, once the continent’s charging infractructure develops a bit more – the fact is that I didn’t. Not in most cases, anyway. I’m sharing these pictures because I want to share the pictures, and the places, with you.

And I guess that gives them a connection to the rest of the site, after all. All of the places you will see here – all places on the planet, actually – are at risk from global climate change. Perhaps you will see enough endangered beauty here to encourage you to find your own ways to reduce your reliance on petroleum. Perhaps if enough of us do that, we can yet turn this thing around.

OK, forget I said that. There is no climate-change litmus test required to view these galleries. Enter, and enjoy.