A Quick Guide to the Site

HOME is the gateway page.

ABOUT is this page. Submenus under its main menu heading will take you to pages containing my bio; a description of the car we currently drive (including our home fueling setup); and a brief, non-political explanation of climate change

LOW-CARB LIVING details our ongoing attempts to reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining a fairly normal American lifestyle. This is where you will find information related to my recently-published book on sustainable living, The Monterey List.

EV INFORMATION Contains general information about electric vehicles. It currently contains two sections: an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and a glossary of terms – including both technical terms and slang – associated with electric cars.

DRIVING ON SUNLIGHT is my blog about living with an electric car. You’ll find descriptions of trips we’ve taken in the car, plus accounts of service visits (very rare), interesting incidents while driving, philosophical musings about renewable resources, and other electric-car-related tidbits. I won’t promise daily updates, or even weekly updates, but they should happen several times a month as a minimum.

GALLERIES is only loosely related to the rest of the site. It showcases some of my favorites among my own photos, organized by subject: wildflowers, mountains, lakes, etc. A sort of secondary blog located here, Oh The Places I’ve Been!, contains brief accounts, with pictures, of interesting places I’ve visited in the course of a long life and a lot of travel around the North American continent. These will be added to at random intervals.