Tin Pan Mountain

A few pictures from our hike at the Mountain of the Rogue BLM recreation area near Rogue River last week. This is a new trail system, built in 2015; it’s primarily designed for mountain bikes, but hikers can use a few of the trails. The main trail goes all the way to the summit of Tin Pan Peak – a 1300′ elevation gain from the trailhead in a little under four miles. We’re saving that for another day. Today we were just checking out the area, so we stopped at about 850′ above the trailhead, at the intersection of the Rat Pack and Breakdown trails, about 2.5 miles in. No flowers (I understand there are plenty in the spring). There was some nice color from some of the young oaks, and we saw several woodrat nests.  Nothing much else to say: enjoy the pics (and scroll to the bottom for a link to something else new).

New Entry in Galleries: Oh the Places I’ve Been!

Canada’s Pukaskwa National Park, on the north shore of Lake Superior, is one of the most spectacular waterscapes in North America. Check it out by clicking on the image below.

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